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What You Should Know About NTMC

by | Jun 20, 2019 | Hospital News

My one year anniversary as the CEO of North Texas Medical Center is fast approaching. Over the past year, I have witnessed many positive changes as we strive to hardwire best practices in both the delivery of outstanding healthcare and improving the business operations of the hospital.  While our vision is to keep improving and continue adding services at NTMC, I want to take the opportunity in today’s article to discuss the services we currently offer. 

For inpatient care, we are licensed for 60 beds. 12 beds in Labor & Delivery, 6 beds in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and 42 beds on our Medical floors. To provide services in these areas, we have an outstanding group of physicians and staff.

In Labor and Delivery, we currently have two great physicians on the medical staff who can deliver babies at NTMC and we have an active search to add more. In addition, our highly qualified nursing staff has an average length of employment at NTMC of nine years. You would be hard pressed to find a better staff to take care of you and your newborn than these experienced professionals.  

Our ICU & Medical units continually garner rave reviews from patients as well. In addition to the hospitalists that provide daily coverage on the ICU & Medical units, we also have a wide range of specialists on the medical staff.  It is quite common for us to receive thank you notes and letters from patients like Sue Clement who said, “I was extremely impressed with my physician. I came in with one set of symptoms and he treated my whole body. When he heard that I had been sick for a long time he went and researched medications to treat the larger problem, not just the symptoms that I came in with. He was trying to find a long term solution to the problem, not just a quick fix. I really appreciated how he wanted to help me get better, not just treat the problem I presented with.” 

Jean Dietz had this to say about her stay. “My doctor found things that were wrong that helped saved my life. Through his thorough examination, he discovered that I had a heart condition that was previously unknown. Since then, I have had open heart surgery and will be doing cardiac rehab at Gainesville. The information that he provided me is still positively affecting my health journey.”

We are also blessed with a talented group of surgeons at NTMC. They have access to four operating rooms, an endoscopy room and a procedure room.  The General Surgeons provide a wide range of services. In addition to common procedures such as colonoscopies and appendectomies, we recently added bariatric surgery (surgical weight loss) as a new service line.  Our Obstetrics providers have a special operating room in Labor and Delivery and can also use the main operating rooms for women’s health procedures. The Ophthalmologist that practices at NTMC has performed thousands of cataract surgeries. Our Orthopedic surgeon specializes in total knee and hip replacements as well as rotator cuff repairs and sports medicine. We also have providers that perform pain relief procedures and podiatry services.   

Another key component of the improved services at NTMC is our Emergency Department (ED).  The ED has 3 trauma rooms, 2 treatment rooms, an OB/GYN room and 5 fast track rooms. The ED is staffed by at least one physician 24 hours a day and we see around 40 patients per day on average.

All of these services would not be able to thrive without the great ancillary services we provide at the hospital. Our lab, radiology, respiratory and therapy departments provide top notch service to our inpatient and outpatient customers.  

I’ll wrap up by covering our clinics. While NTMC is proud to operate the Cooke County Medical Center rural healthcare clinic as well as several specialty clinics, we would never meet our goal of providing comprehensive health care without the support and collaboration of the local independent providers. NTMC is proud to partner with our area physicians and we look forward to working with them to grow and improve access to healthcare in the future.

In summary, if you or a family member needs healthcare services, there is a high probability you can receive excellent care right here at home. Visit our new website to learn more about the hospital and services we offer.

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