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In Gainesville, Texas, you can seek the professional help of a number of primary healthcare physicians on our medical staff to diagnose and treat your family’s conditions. At North Texas Medical Center, we have highly skilled and talented professionals are at your disposal. Don’t hesitate to call and schedule an appointment when you have any kind of health issue, and you’re in need of the services of a primary healthcare provider.

What Can a Primary Care Physician Provide?

Primary care physicians (PCP’s) are medical professionals who provide first treatment for any undiagnosed health problem, in addition to also providing ongoing care for various conditions. In years past, PCP’s were referred to as general practitioners, and this term is still used by some.

In order to become a primary healthcare physician, medical school graduates participate in post-graduate training for  family medicine, pediatrics or internal medicine. Gynecologists also are considered to be PCP’s because of the important healthcare they provide for women.

Sometimes emergency physicians are considered to be PCP’s, even though they tend not to focus on ongoing care.

The skills necessary to become a primary healthcare physician and the scope of practice generally include initial diagnosis and then ongoing treatment of common conditions and illnesses.

Primary healthcare providers are experienced at interviewing patients to identify symptoms of illnesses and to obtain medical histories and other details about a patient’s health. Most PCP’s will also be familiar with the various techniques of medical testing, for instance interpreting blood samples, X-rays, and electrocardiograms. Anything beyond these techniques will generally be referred to a specialist who has focused training in a given technology or bodily system.

Once a physician has collected data and arrived at their diagnosis, the doctor will prepare some kind of treatment plan that will include either further testing, referral to a specialist, therapy, some form of medication, lifestyle changes, education of the patient, or follow-up treatments.

Professional Care Options for You

If you’re looking for doctors who are associated with family practice, please consult our provider directory and select from the staff of primary care physicians we maintain. Each of our family practice and internal medicine physicians is well trained, and has many years of experience in treating all of the most commonly encountered illnesses and diseases which your family members might have. Contact us today to find out more about our family practice professionals, and how you can take advantage of their knowledge and expertise to help maintain your good health.