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Obstetric Services

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Inpatient Women’s Services

From Prenatal Services to Maternal and Fetal Care

There are many needs an expectant mother has during pregnancy, delivery, and after the baby is born. At the North Texas Medical Center, we anticipate your needs during every step. Our specialized medical professionals have all the skills and knowledge necessary to help expectant mothers deliver healthy babies.

We provide comprehensive prenatal healthcare in our Women’s Center. And our birthing team will ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible on delivery day. We also have outstanding facilities for mom and baby post-delivery, so that those first few magical days are enjoyed family and friends in the most comfortable and convenient setting possible.

Eight Spacious and Private Postpartum Rooms

These rooms are all spacious and well equipped, so that both mother and baby feel comfortable and well taken care of, right up until the time both of you leave the hospital. We place no restrictions on visiting hours, so whenever it’s convenient for you to welcome family and friends to visit, that will be fine with us. Of course, you are perfectly free to place your own restrictions on visiting hours, because unquestionably you and your newborn will need lots of rest in the aftermath of childbirth.

You can keep your newborn with you as much as you like, and we encourage this because it helps make a faster and more permanent connection between mother and child, right from the beginning. For those cases when a mother needs more recovery time, her newborn can be kept in our fully appointed nursery, under the watchful eyes of our skilled nurses to give her an opportunity to rest.

Before you and your baby depart our facility for home, we’ll be glad to provide you with as much educational material as you need to help you care for your newborn child. Especially for first-time mothers, this can be priceless information that will help you through some of the challenges that typically occur in those first few weeks after delivery.

“Baby Friendly” Initiatives Established to Support Rooming

We encourage as much together time as possible for mothers and their newborn infants. This important bonding can take place in our private postpartum rooms, all of which are set up to mimic the home environment. When you keep your newborn with you, it quickly establishes the mother-child relationship.

One of the main reasons we have established these private post-partum rooms is to make it easier for the baby to ‘room in’ with his or her mother. This is all part of our baby-friendly initiative.

Pregnant Woman and OB/Gyn Doctor at Hospital

Full Nursery Available

While it’s important for mother and child to make a strong connection immediately after childbirth, there are times when this may not be practical. We understand mothers also need a period to rest and recover so they can care for their newborn properly at home

You will also have the full capabilities of our nursery available to you for the well-being of your child. This will allow you to recover at whatever pace is comfortable for you, without having the constant presence of your baby there to make it more difficult. You can rest assured that your newborn will be well taken care of, until you are ready and able to provide that care yourself.

Information and Education Available for Those Who Want it

The educational materials we provide at the hospital can be very important to new mothers, especially those who are going through the process for the first time. Parenthood can be a bewildering experience, and especially in those first few days after delivery. Knowing what to do can put you a little more at ease and provide you with confidence. The information provided in our educational materials has been prepared based on years of experience supporting new parents, and we hope the materials are helpful to you.

Visiting Hours Established by Patients

In our effort to make it as convenient as possible for new parents, we place no restrictions whatsoever on visiting times for family and friends. We realize that not everyone will be available to visit at the same hours, so we try to allow as much time as possible for visitations. More than likely, you will want to set some practical limits on visiting hours yourself, because you’ll need an opportunity to sleep, and there might be other times where you simply want to be alone with your infant. Whatever times you would like to set up for visitations will be perfectly acceptable to us, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the well being of your newborn or yourself.

Professional Healthcare You Can Trust

The care provided to mothers and newborn infants will affect the entire childbirth experience. At the North Texas Medical Center, prioritize personalized care for mom and baby to ensure the best experience possible. Contact us today for more information about our maternal care, or to arrange for a facility tour.

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