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Labor and Delivery Services

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Services for Labor and Delivery

OB Services – Labor and Delivery

Labor and delivery is the culmination of nine full months of development and careful monitoring of the mother and baby-to-be. Because our focus is the health and safety of mom and baby, labor and delivery care is taken seriously at NTMC.

NTMC offers a family-focused, caring environment centered around the comfort of the new mother and baby-to-be.

Private Labor-Delivery Rooms

Many women prefer to have private rooms during the childbirth process. This is a very personal experience, so we ensure privacy at all times.

Our private rooms contribute to the mother’s confidence and comfort.

In this secluded environment, childbirth can be performed with much greater privacy, and free from any unwanted external influences.

Pain Management

Pain is a natural part of labor and delivering a baby. For this reason, women choose a variety of pain management techniques during the process. A standard epidural is commonly used to block pain without the need for medication.

Others prepare for labor by using breathing techniques for pain management. With the assistance of our entire medical staff, and especially the team in the delivery room, new mothers can expect to have their pain addressed proactively based on their wishes.

Fetal Monitoring and Delivery Technology

There have been some tremendous advances in fetal monitoring technology recently, and all this has helped to provide women and their infants with a much better labor and childbirth experience. Practically from the moment any mother-to-be enters a hospital, right up until the time the baby is born, she will be connected to a fetal monitor.

These devices consist of two straps and a number of sensors which are connected to a machine that measure the baby’s heart rate and the uterine contractions of the mother. By monitoring these measurements, it’s possible to tell a great deal of information about the well-being of the baby and the mother.

It’s particularly important for detecting any signs of fetal distress, and for determining if intervention might be appropriate. Some of the recent developments in fetal monitoring technology include flatter sensors that are more precise and allow mothers to retain greater mobility during the process, while still providing contraction and heart rate information.

It can be very helpful for a woman to move during the process, and studies have shown that movement during labor often helps to shorten the whole process. These advances in fetal monitoring will also decrease the likelihood of a C-section and possibly an epidural as well.

Dedicated, Separate Operating Room

If a C-Section delivery becomes necessary, we make sure to provide a dedicated separate operating room for the procedures to take place and quickly transition to the new space.

Fetal Care

Advanced fetal care is available at North Texas Medical Center. This facility is equipped with technology and treatments for congenital conditions, and potential abnormalities in unborn infants.

This kind of fetal care can help manage the uncertainty and risk involved in specific pregnancies, and can improve outcomes during birth. The facility will also be attended by knowledgeable physicians, with experience in all aspects of pregnancies, including medical, surgical, obstetrical, fetal, and genetic.

For high-risk pregnancies, such as those complicated by high blood pressure, diabetes, or other medical conditions, the OB team will consult with specialists and determine the best plan on a case-by-case basis.

Our North Texas Medical Center fetal center will be able to provide compassionate care for both mother and baby, as well as many diagnostic tools and treatments that might be necessary. We also have referral relationships with specialists when that is required.

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