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Digital Mammography in Gainesville, TX


What is a Digital mammography Test?

Medical technology continues to advance. One test that has improved to identify breast cancer more reliably and quickly is digital mammography. This procedure recommended as a yearly X-ray. Digital mammography is a non-invasive test that scans the breast tissue for anything irregular and showing changes from the last test. If the doctor prefers, they may order a digital test versus a regular mammogram.

The procedure for the current mammogram versus digital mammograms is the same. The difference is how the films are analyzed and stored. For years X-ray technicians recorded the results for mammograms on hard film. Now, because of increased and improved digital technologies, digital mammogram images are now stored on a computer. 

When Does a Doctor Typically Prescribe a Digital Mammography Test?

How to Prepare for a Regular or Digital Mammography Test?

How to Schedule an Appointment for a Mammogram at North Texas Medical Center? 

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