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64-Slice CT Scans in Gainesville, TX


What is a 64-Slice CT Imaging Test?


A CT Scan is a Computed Tomography or CAT Scan. This test is not invasive and gives the doctor an excellent view of the areas needing examination. The scan is quick and easy, using X-ray beams to create images of soft tissue structures such as the liver, kidneys, heart, bladder, neurological, skeletal imaging, and more. This scan is beneficial to the doctor when trying to diagnose an illness.

This 64-slice scan uses less radiation and is quicker. This scan utilizes many X-rays from various positions. The computer then reconnects the individual slices of X-rays to develop a whole picture. The 64-slice CT provides to the doctor enhanced information allowing the doctor to come to a diagnosis.

This scan identifies diseases of internal organs, coronary arteries, tumors, and cysts. For example, if the doctor wants a CT of the heart, it is difficult to use other CT scans because it is in constant motion, changing in size.

Other CT scans make it challenging to get an accurate picture. This scan is so fast that it can capture a picture in seconds—other scans capture blurriness. The 64-slice scan is clear and concise.

When Does a Doctor Typically Prescribe a 64-Slice CT Imaging Test?

How Does a Patient Prepare for a 64-Slice CT Imaging Test? 

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