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NTMC – Committed To Keeping Obstetric Services in Cooke County

by | Aug 19, 2019 | Inpatient Services, Outpatient Services

While many small hospitals across Texas and the United States have decided stop delivering babies in an effort to resolve financial woes, North Texas Medical Center (NTMC) remains committed to offering this vital service to our community. In fact, we have dedicated additional resources and developed a strategic plan to grow and strengthen our Obstetrics services.

We are privileged to currently have two local independent physicians with full medical staff privileges to deliver at NTMC. Dr. Zaira Jorai-Khan & Dr. Shawn White are both highly skilled and have a wealth of experience. Dr. Khan is board certified in Obstetrics/Gynecology and Dr. White is board certified in Family Medicine with an emphasis in Obstetrics. Unlike obstetrics programs at larger hospitals where there is a high probability that a patient’s personal physician will not be available to attend the delivery, Dr. Kahn & Dr. White make it a point to deliver their own patients. In addition to these great doctors, we are actively recruiting additional Obstetrics providers to help expand our Obstetrics and Women’s Health services.

We also have a great team of local providers available to focus on the newborn at delivery in our Level I Neonatal facility. Due to his training, Dr. White has the unique ability to care for both the mother and the baby. Dr. Glenn Sears, Dr. Larry Sears and Stuart Smith, NP join Dr. White in taking care of the newborns at birth. Collectively, they provide a critical role in ensuring that babies born at NTMC receive complete exams at birth to identify any potential problems. In the rare occurrence that a potential problem is identified, NTMC has a direct line to Cooke’s Children’s Medical Center. At the earliest hint that there could be a need for higher level of care, a call can be placed and the Teddy Bear Transport will be on its way.

Our highly experienced labor and delivery staff make up the final component of our Obstetrical services team. The average tenure of the group is an impressive. Several of the staff members have 20+ years experience in labor and delivery. Long time Cooke County resident, Bonnie Hess, recently accepted the Labor and Delivery directorship position and has already begun implementing ideas to make a great service line even better.

If the pregnancy calls for a cesarean section birth, the physicians and our staff are well equipped. NTMC has a special operating room in the labor and delivery unit specifically for C-Sections. Our surgical and delivery teams work seamlessly together to provide an excellent experience for the mother and baby.

It would be difficult to list all the things that make our obstetrics services great, but one of the primary reasons is the personalized care patients receive at NTMC. Our team ensures that each patient experience is catered to the individual. We believe that a patient has the right to freely give input on the type of birth experience they want and will attempt to accommodate the patient’s desire as long as there is no danger to the mother or baby during the birth.

NTMC offers a friendly delivery experience for family and loved ones as well. While we make sure the room remains a safe place for the mother, baby and delivery team to operate, we also understand that it is important for our patients to have their relatives & close relatives with them during the birth process to share the joyous moment. We also have an entrance into the hospital directly by the labor and delivery unit to make access easier for friends and family to visit. 

NTMC gladly accepts all patients. We do not discriminate based on any factor. For those patients that do not have insurance, we will work with them to acquire coverage for them and the newborn.

In summary, if you or a family member is pregnant and deliberating where to have the baby, I highly encourage you to consider choosing NTMC. You and your newborn will receive excellent care and be close to home where your family and friends can enjoy the experience with you. 

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