How to Prepare for a Pap Smear

How to Prepare for a Pap Smear

When you, as a woman, go to your doctor for a regular checkup, you are usually advised to get a few routine tests, including one to test for cervical cancer. This is called a Pap test, and for the test to be carried out, a medical professional will take something... read more

Targeting Lower Cost Healthcare

In past articles, I addressed the efforts North Texas Medical Center (NTMC) has made to enhance patient safety & improve the quality of care, as well as increasing patient satisfaction and adding new service lines.  In today’s article, I want to share some of the... read more

What You Should Know About NTMC

My one year anniversary as the CEO of North Texas Medical Center is fast approaching. Over the past year, I have witnessed many positive changes as we strive to hardwire best practices in both the delivery of outstanding healthcare and improving the business... read more