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Back to School Healthcare Tips

by | Jul 27, 2022 | Hospital News, Primary Care

Summers’ torrid days will relent, signaling school and resuming sports and other activities for returning students. Returning to school in-person also brings after-school team activities with lots of peer interactions. Meanwhile, COVID’s lingering threat reminds us that we must remind children how to stay healthy and also prepare for unexpected health-related situations that may arise. That could include new COVID-19 variants and sub-variants requiring modifications to our daily lives.

Medical preparedness

  • Schedule general medical and sports physicals, and dental and eye appointments several weeks before the start of school.
  • Make sure your child is up to date on all vaccines, including the Human Papillomavirus vaccine for children ages 11–12 (two doses of HPV vaccine are given 6 to 12 months apart).
  • Inspect eyeglasses and sports equipment for weak areas requiring repair.

COVID-19 precautions

  • Stock up on masks, toilet tissue, paper towels, disinfectants and sanitizers in case of a resurgence of COVID-19 or its variants. While masking may not be required, it may be wise to wear them in certain settings and be prepared for a potential return to wearing them outside your home.
  • Remind children about careful and consistent hand-washing, which has also proven to protect against the common cold, flu, and virus-related afflictions.

Eat well to stay well

  • Review school menus and suggest healthy choices
  • Encourage good eating habits that include fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Limit high-calorie fried fast foods and sugary drinks
  • Keep hydrated, water or milk is best

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