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Baby’s First 90 Days of Parenting

by | Mar 12, 2021 | Women's Services

Who’s the Boss, Your Infant or You?

The first 90-days of parenting can be a bit unnerving for new first-time parents. This anxiety continues to hit parents with each added addition to the family. Coming home with each new infant can bring a whole array of new concerns because no two children are the same.

Many medical professionals say that the first three years of a child’s life forms their foundation. From the age of three, it becomes more challenging shaping their personalities, behaviors, attitudes, and intelligence. Before the child turns three years of age, there is not much negativity in life that will stick with the child. After three years, the child is apt to pick up more in the environment that helps shape them far into their adult years.

This first 90-days is when parents discover they must reach into the depths of themself and find the strength and endurance to survive. By the end of the 90-days, the baby should be sleeping through the night, which is excellent news for the parents. They can now get some rest during sleeping hours and create a daily routine that seems to work for them.
Read on to find out what you should expect in your baby’s first 90-days. These expectations and tips may even surprise well-seasoned parents.

Trials and Errors for the First 90-Days

The following items are what parents should expect from their newborn infant in the first 90-days. Parents may see none or all of the following issues.

Expect your baby to be a mixture of calm and cranky. Some babies have legitimate health issues that affect their stomach and intestinal systems. One such problem many babies have is colic. You and your pediatrician must work together to find out what is causing the colic pain. Usually, it is only a matter of changing formulas, but speak with the doctor first to make an informed decision.

Calm a cranky baby by wrapping them up in a warm, soft baby blanket. Infants like to feel secure, and a snuggly wrapped infant is likely to calm down. This technique mimics the warm safe environment of the mom’s womb. The parents can hold a baby while they are snug as a bug and still cry. However, you may have to walk or rock the child while gently and quickly patting them. No one knows why this approach works as it sends the infant into a deep and restful sleep. Maybe this will work for you and perhaps it will not, but when you have had hours of baby restlessness it is always worth a try.

During the first 90-days, you have may have personal issues arise and concerns to iron out. Remember that your infant has three things on their mind, and little else matters: food, a dry diaper, and sleep.

New parents especially must learn to be able to take care of themselves as well. You need to get rest, eat well-balanced meals every day, find time to create an exercise plan such as going for a walk, weather permitting. Exercise helps you to get a better night’s sleep.

The only true necessities for your baby will be food, sleep, a clean diaper, shelter, and loving parents. All of the rest, including the following items, can be considered as extras. You can purchase these if you truly want them, or feel that they make your life easier, but do not feel like you need to have them to successfully take care of your child.

With this in mind, remember to watch price tags, and never spend more than you can afford. Additionally, it can be a great idea to shop at thrift stores for nearly new baby items. Maybe you find a normally expensive crib for a lot less money.

The first 90 days of parenting

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